Three months before the start of Virginia’s 2018 legislative session, a gunman killed 58 people at a concert in Las Vegas. Midway through the session, 17 people died in a mass shooting at a high school in Florida. But by the time the session ended on Saturday, the Virginia General Assembly had passed just one bill on the subject.

As Gun Bills Fail, Virginia Legislators Look Ahead to 2019

The statues of Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson astride horses were plucked from their perches in downtown Charlottesville early Saturday morning and hauled off by truck to an undisclosed storage location. 

Charlottesville’s Confederate statues removed

Chip Boyles, the executive director of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, grew up with a family involved in local government and has spent his life working in local government. So, as Charlottesville faced government instability, council members turned to him for help with solutions. How that turned into his appointment as city manager happened in a nontraditional way.  

Who is Chip Boyles, and how did he become Charlottesville’s city manager?

Despite years of lobbying for redistricting reform achieving bipartisan support, the fruit of that labor is tasting sour for some Democratic lawmakers and longtime advocates.
With the passage of a constitutional amendment that could create a redistricting commission now out of their hands and onto ballots this year, some legislators are urging their constituents to vote no.

Why state legislators are divided over support of constitutional amendment to create redistricting commission

Charlottesville is a predominantly Democratic city and one of several blue strongholds throughout the state. Quentin Kidd, dean of Christopher Newport University’s College of Social Sciences and director of the Judy Ford Wason Center for Public Policy, said that nuances become more noticeable in one-party towns. 

Democrat-dominated election highlights tensions under the big tent

Former Campbell County Supervisor Bob Good, the Republican candidate for the seat in the House of Representatives, said he wants to fight. Cameron Webb, the Democratic candidate and director of health policy and equity at the University of Virginia, said he wants to heal. Which message — and candidate will prevail — remains to be seen, but recent polling indicates Webb could flip the seat blue for the first time in a decade.

How Virginia’s largest congressional district could flip this year

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