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I’m a multimedia journalist with a concentration in political, investigative, and constructive journalism.

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I earned my Master of Science in Multimedia Journalism from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia (spring 2018) and my  Bachelor of Arts in Journalism + Design from The New School in New York City (spring 2015).

About Me

I am a jack-of-all-trades multimedia reporter who believes in journalism as a public service and aims to be a helpful asset to any news team. Every story is a chance to learn something new- from the legislative history of a bill, to how an entrepreneur first conceived an idea, to sharpening my skills in searching public records or video editing.

I have experience with breaking news and enterprise stories. I’m intrepid and inquisitive, always on the lookout for a story. Through community engagement and social media, I’ve been able to scout, source and develop stories. I also believe in showing up, always willing to drive anywhere or walk into any office or event.

My undergraduate capstone, Tweet to Kill: Islamic State’s Use of Social Media For Self Promotion, examined how the organization harnessed social media for branding, recruitment, and terror. It featured analysis from branding strategists, counter-terrorism experts, and a Raqqa-based group of citizen journalists.

My graduate capstone, Taking Aim: An Examination of Gun Laws In Virginia, was a documentary film that explored existing and proposed gun legislation along with the people they impact during a legislative session following the deadliest mass shooting in American history. It featured bipartisan commentary from politicians, gun reform and gun rights activists, as well as a Richmond resident who survived the concert shooting in Las Vegas.

My favorite color is blue, more specifically #134DCE (that’s the hex value in geek-speak), and more often than not what I’m wearing is this color. I’m also a creative writer with a sci-fi novel in progress, but some of my shorter work can be found here.